In Depth Look – Filmconvert Nitrate

Filmconvert Nitrate Splashscreen

We spent years trying to move away from film to the digital world.  It was cheaper, quicker and easier to work with, especially when it comes to visual effects work.  However, in the last few years, some more high profile directors have moved back to film, but for most productions out there, digital is still […]

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Learn Scratch – Part 2 Notes and Outputting

Scratch Splash Screen

Working with Notes in Scratch As you’ll see, the deeper and deeper we go into Scratch, Scratch is all about organization and information.  Whether it’s on your exported clips, or in the slots in the application, you have a ton of flexibility, as to how you want to keep yourself organized.  Notes, much like Sticky […]

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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – What’s New in Sapphire 2020?

Let's Edit - What's new in Sapphire 2020

What can I say…I’m a big Sapphire fan.  I need a shirt with “S_Glow” on the front of it, as I can’t count the amount of times I use that effect in the course of a week.  Sapphire has always been about style, and this 2020 update is no different, however, there has been some […]

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Learn Assimilate Scratch – Audio Syncing and Basic Conforming

Scratch Splash Screen

So, we started out looking at Assimilate Scratch in our last article, where we looked at creating a new project, importing media, working in the Media Browser and understanding scaling and guides.  In our next two lessons, we’re going to look at syncing audio and basic conforming. One thing that you’re going to notice about […]

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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – What’s New in 2019.12?

Let's Edit with Media Composer - What's New in 2019.12

Well, we’re going to round out this decade with the last “Let’s Edit” tutorial and we are going to take a look at the new features in the 2019.12 update of Avid Media Composer.  This is not a huge release, but a smaller one that focuses on enhancements to Bins, the Inspector and Avid Titler+.  […]

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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Creating Dailies Part 2 – DaVinci Resolve

Let's Edit with Media Composer - Dailies Part 2

One thing that editors are getting more and more into, is Color Correction/Grading using DaVinci Resolve, but most editors don’t know that it’s also a fantastic tool for creating dailies with.  Resolve is an application you have on your system, whether you realize it or not, and the techniques we’re covering in this lesson aren’t […]

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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – What’s New in Continuum 2020

Let's Edit - What's New in Continuum 2020 thumbnail

I’m still amazed when talking to Media Composer editors, how many of them are still using the built in tools to do all their effects work.  I’ll admit, I use 3D Warp and Animatte all the time, but if it’s anything more than a basic fix, I’m using 3rd party tools to get the job […]

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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Dailies Workflows Part 1 – Working with Dailies from Assimilate Scratch


This tutorial, and the next bunch after it came from a very simple place.  Someone posted on the Avid Editors of Facebook page about not understanding the proper workflow when dealing with dailies that were given to her from another editing application.  In this lesson, and the next few lessons after it, I want to […]

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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Working with Lens Flare 3D

Lets Edith with Media Composer - Lens Flare 3D Thumbnail

In this lesson Kevin P McAuliffe talks about working with Continuum 2019’s Lens Flare 3D inside of Avid Media Composer.  When editors think of Lens Flares, they think of JJ Abrams type lens flares that are more stylistic than anything.  Lens Flares do add a stylistic look to your footage, but they can also be […]

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Review: PowerDirector 18 offers audio scrubbing, nested projects and more

Review: PowerDirector 18 offers audio scrubbing and nested projects

Able to import and edit video shot on professional-grade cameras, PowerDirector 18 has a new set of tools that includes audio scrubbing, nested projects, adjustable interface, 4K preview and more. This review can be explained in a single phrase: I am back in territory I know and, from where I see it, there isn’t much […]

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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – What’s New in 2019.9

What's New in Media Composer 2019.9

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe discusses the newest release of Media Composer, 2019.9.  This update is more of an aesthetic update, than a technical features update.  Organization by color is featured, whether you are changing background colors, clip colors, segment selection colors or even In/Out range colors, this update will help you get yourself, […]

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Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Getting Started with Particle Illusion

Let's Edit Thumbnail - ParticleIllusion

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe gives you a great introduction to the awesome Particle Illusion effect, included in the 2019.5 version of Continuum from Boris FX. We’re going to look at adding this effect to a real world scenario, and the end result shows that this effect can add an additional layer of realism […]

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ON1 Video 2020: a video editor explicitly designed for photographers

ON1 Video 2020: a video editor designed for photographers

A new video editor is born, and this video editing app is explicitly designed for the photographer who also shoots video. A public beta for ON1 Video 2020 will be available mid-November. Modern cameras shoot stills and video, and that has helped photographers to discover the magic of moving images, even if stills are what […]

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