LUMIX S1H: Panasonic says this camera offers the best possible performance

Panasonic LUMIX S1H: this camera offers the best possible performance

With a price tag of $3999.99, the new LUMIX S1H makes it to the market with a lens that fits it like a glove: the Lumix S Pro 24-70mm F2.8, priced at $2199.99. That’s your base kit for shooting. The streaming of the official announcement gave you all the key details about the LUMIX S1H, […]

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The best REAL DSLRs for video in 2016

best real DSLRS for video 2016

Some say it was by mistake, but the truth is that Canon created the trend of using DSLRs for video. The launch of the EOS 5D MK II, in 2008, changed the landscape and allowed more and more people to start exploring with moving images. In 2016, the list of DSLRs able to shoot video […]

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Camlet Mount: Attach a Bigger Monitor to Your Camera

Launched at the end of April and running until the end of May, the Camlet Mount campaign is for a project that may interest all those videographers using a DSLR but aspiring to have a bigger and affordable monitor to control images: Camlet Mount lets you use your tablet or smartphone. The people behind Camlet […]

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