DCS Event in SF: The Latest from Blackmagic Design

DCS Event graphic

Join the Digital Cinema Society at San Francisco’s Beyond Pix Studios for an exploration of the latest technology from Blackmagic Design. Featured products will include the new Pocket Cinema Camera 6K which can record Blackmagic Raw or ProRes 422 on a Super35 size sensor in up to 6K resolution. We’ll also review the latest updates […]

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Removing glare from glasses

There are all kinds of finishing effects that are within the grasp of the average editor. You just need to know the recipe. Removing reflections and glare from glasses is one of those tricks that seems impossible, but is perfectly achievable if you understand the steps involved. In the video below I’ll walk your through […]

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NAB 2018: Blackmagic Design Releases DaVinci Resolve 15 Video

Let’s not underestimate anything here. Let’s also steer away from hyperbole too. It’s a gentle balance really… This DaVinci Resolve update is FU%$#*@ huge. For me, the update is a big deal. We talked to Blackmagic Design to tell us everything new to the software and they did their best to fit it all in a […]

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Useful geekery: a database maintenance tool for Resolve

davinci-resolve-postgresql-workflow-tools screenshot

Seth Goldin handles “tech, post-production, and workflow” at Freethink Media. He’s released a bash script for MacOS 10.12.6 to automate backing up and optimizing DaVinci Resolve 14 PostgreSQL databases. [Note: if you’re running the free version of Resolve with default settings, you’re probably just using “disk databases”, not PostgreSQL databases: Is this what you see? Move […]

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Events: Canon, Newtek, ICG Lighting, Blackmagic

Events June 2017

Some upcoming events: chances to see new gear, ask annoying questions, learn from industry pros, and maybe even get a free meal. In chronological order: some are real soon now, others have a bit more lead time. Canon C200, Portland OR Canon and Professional Video will be showing off the C200 camcorder at Koerner Camera […]

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Why the Resolve & Fusion integration is a pretty big deal

Blackmagic’s announcement at NAB of integration between Resolve and Fusion may have gone unnoticed by many, but it actually signals a significant shift in the way effects work will be done going forward. It wasn’t long ago that to buy a single online effects system like Autodesk’s Flame or Inferno would set you back half […]

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The Great NLE Debate and DaVinci Resolve

Which NLE is the right one for you? The Nashville Film Guild took the matter to a Presidential style debate. See which one fits in the of a so-called “Green Party” candidate. […]

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Custom monochrome effects in DaVinci Resolve

In this episode of DaVinci Resolve in Under 5 Minutes, Alexis Van Hurkman teaches you how to create highly customizable monochrome effects in DaVinci Resolve 12. This technique will take you far beyond simple desaturation, allowing you to fine tune your shots to get the exact the look you desire.   […]

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Fast Grade Versioning in DaVinci Resolve

In this episode of DaVinci Resolve in Under 5 Minutes, Alexis Van Hurkman will show you how to quickly make multiple versions of a color grade. This will allow you to quickly switch from one version to another, helping you decide which grade is the best fit for your project. In this episode of DaVinci […]

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