Taking the Blackmagic Pocket Battery Grip For A Spin

I love the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K or 6K. The size and weight of the cameras are wonderful. The camera boasts good dynamic range, BlackmagicRAW, easy to edit ProRes codecs, a very well designed menu layout, and wonderfully long battery life… (record scratch) wait, what? Yes, it is true the Canon LP-E6 battery life […]

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Making it rain in post—literally

Shooting in the rain is usually a bad idea (just ask the equipment insurer). Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but fix it in post. Depending on the shot this can involve color correction, particle effects, reflections, refractions, and even fluid simulation. While we can’t give you a five-minute schooling in the dark arts of […]

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Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Shoots Show Content for Mumford and Sons

I am going to tell you all the truth, I am a big fan of Mumford & Sons. So I think it is kind of cool for a blending of my musical tastes and camera news. Recently Steve Price, award-winning live director, used the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K to create a cinematic, slow motion […]

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ATEM Constellation 8K Used at Country Music’s WE Fest

ATEM Constellation 8K live production switcher was used as part of an Ultra HD 12G-SDI and fiber live production workflow at WE Fest, the largest country music festival in the United States and the longest-running in the world. Now in its 37th year, the three-day festival took place in Detroit Lakes, MN, in August 2019 […]

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New Features Added To Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K

Blackmagic Raw

Today, Blackmagic Design announced what can be called a pretty huge update to the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. The Australian company has loaded a whole slew of new features to the mighty little 4K camera and a few added features to the slightly newer Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. Of the best features, like […]

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Tattoo Removal from Video Footage

Removing tattoos from body parts is tricky business: painful in the real world and painful in post-production. The former because being sizzled by Q-switched lasers is painful and expensive. The latter because trying to track subtly deforming skin tissue is…painful and expensive. But it doesn’t need to be anymore, thanks to Blackmagic Design’s Fusion and […]

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ProVideo Coalition Podcast Eps 2: CineGear ATL, Deluxe Bankruptcy, Catalina Update & More

                    Provideo Coalition Podcast episode 2 is live! This week Scott Simmons and Gary Adcock talk through CineGear Atlanta, the Deluxe Entertainment bankruptcy, the MacOS 10.15 update and more. Check out the full episode below: Make sure to listen to the above episode for a special discount […]

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Reactor for Blackmagic Fusion

Reactor is a plugin manager for Blackmagic Fusion that adds powerful new tools to both the Fusion page in Resolve and the standalone version of Fusion, Fusion Studio. Artists in applications like After Effects tend to invest in third party plugins to enhance their workflow, but node-based compositing artists more often just “roll their own,” […]

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Is Blackmagic Design’s Next Camera an 8K Camera?


4K, 4.6K, 6K… is there a future yet-to-be-released 8K camera arriving from Blackmagic in the Spring of 2020? Yes, this is a rumor I am sharing. No, I did not start the rumor. This mythical 8K Blackmagic Design camera has been making the rounds of speculation on social media. I first came across the 8K […]

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Introducing The ProVideo Coalition Podcast!

                    Welcome to the ProVideo Coalition Podcast! With so much news coming out every day it’s nearly impossible to keep up with whats going on in and around the industry. So each week (or as close to weekly as we can get) we will sit down to […]

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The Review of The Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

Pocket 6K

6K in your hand. 6K on our gimbal. 6K. 6K. 6K. We love our “K’s.” The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K offers up a ton of resolution in a super small package. If you can over-come the few hurdles you can make this little camera deliver some sensational video. In the video below I shot […]

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DCS Event in SF: The Latest from Blackmagic Design

DCS Event graphic

Join the Digital Cinema Society at San Francisco’s Beyond Pix Studios for an exploration of the latest technology from Blackmagic Design. Featured products will include the new Pocket Cinema Camera 6K which can record Blackmagic Raw or ProRes 422 on a Super35 size sensor in up to 6K resolution. We’ll also review the latest updates […]

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The Review of The Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro G2

It is the update to the URSA Mini Pro bringing further functionality and features to Blackmagic Design’s biggest cinema camera. Just enough new features and frame rates for Blackmagic to release a second generation. So, what is in the new URSA Mini Pro G2 and what is the same from the G2 shares with the […]

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Blackmagic Design Announces Videohub Smart Control Pro

Videohub Smart Control Pro is different to traditional hardware router control panels that cost thousands of dollars and are limited to being installed in small numbers and then shared by all router users. Videohub Smart Control Pro is low cost, and features 48 RGB illuminated crystal look buttons that can be set to any router […]

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Blackmagic Design Announces Videohub Master Control Pro


Videohub Master Control Pro allows for very flexible control because it has two main methods for changing cross points on Videohub routers. The simplest way to use Videohub Master Control Pro is for customers to simply select either destination or source and then scroll through all the cross points in the router using the larger knob […]

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