Review: addlink S70 SSD NVMe, a 1TB fast drive for the low price of $120

addlink S70

If you want to move from HDD to SSD, consider a NVMe SSD as your best option. The addlink S70 SSD NVMe costs $120, less than some SATA SSDs, and is one of the fastest NVMe drives available. Moving your data from an HDD to an SSD gives you a boost in speed that will […]

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After Effects Classic Course: Colorama 2 – Tinting

After watching the movie in the previous post, you should now be over your initial shock and fear of Colorama, and understand how it works. Now let’s put it to work, here as a very powerful color tinting tool: This movie previously appeared in our Insight Into Effects course on Learning. They’ve retired that […]

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